Peugeot Pure

Car concept for future megalopolis. It is a pure essence of a vehicle. Nothing useless, just chassis, wheels, seats and the rest is for pleasure.

No public spaces will be the biggest problem in future megalopolis. Any space for playing games, having a picnic, sunbathing etc.Peugeot Pure gives you that space. Seats are hung up so you can use the whole length of a car. Angle the seats up and you have a “room” about 3×1,6m.

There are 4 identical steered wheel units. Each unit consists of a wheel, electric motor, break and suspension. Whole car is steered by a hand unit, similar to Play-station joystick. Wheel units make construction easy and cheap.
A maximum speed is about 50km/h so there is actually no need for airbags etc. In case of a crash you just swing in your seat. You can take whatever you need with you because the boot is everywhere in this car.

Design was made for Peugeot Design Contest 2008.