Bora boat – part I

I was offered something which I couldn´t refuse – to re-design my friend´s boat who were crazy enough to buy a 60-year-old piece. Their original idea was to make several quite unimportant changes which would help them to use it immediately without any obstructions. How silly! Later they found out that the boat needs to be completely reconstructed, the engine included. Discovering this I, as a designer, became a VIP. Their request was simple – to come up with the concept of the reconstruction. They realized it would be wiser to ask somebody to look after the whole process instead of using the DIY system. My task is then to make the boat harmonic – both outside and inside. Every single detail matters!
I started working on the exterior which is quite significant. I must admire Bora´ s elegant shape that helps to make the whole reconstruction enjoyable and pleasant. Bora has undergone series of modifications reflecting time periods and their styles. Not all of them were appropriate which eventually lead to awkward combination.
The starting point of my concept is the era of 50´s altogether with colours, shapes and other details. With help of modern tools such as materials, technologies and equipment we, I and my friends, are creating a boat with its soul. This boat should take you to your own world which allows you to enjoy beauty of sailing.
Follow the reconstruction – concepts, solutions and results step by step, of this lovely boat. It is always fascinating to see the process of beauty rebirth.