The Cabin in Club House

The “sailors” got a chance to have their own cabinet in the Club house. Club house means a war ship moored to a dock in this case. The cabinet was more or less in original condition, as you may see in the photos. It’s lay-out was done and we did not changed that. My goal was to choose the colours and their application. Main goal was to lighten the room, make it visually larger and more cosy. I do not know why, but my first impression was a Porsche 917 in Gulf Team colours. Fresh spirit of 70’s, exactly what I wanted to achieve. Light blue on metal construction parts, white and orange on walls. Existing floor planks were just abraded and oiled.
You have to go through a long and dark coridors for quite long time till you reach the cabin. So the goal was also to make kind of WOW effect after opening the doors. Light and fresh space at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. Work is not completely finished yet …