Semináře Feng shui

I get my Feng Shui education at European School of Feng Shui. I have been to modules 1, 2, 3 and extension of module 3.

Subject of the modul 1 is so called Form School. That consists of those parts: yin and yang, 5 elements, 5 magic animals, pa-kua, trigrams, colors. Thanks to those information I can evaluate the space (room, flat, ground). It is also possible to apply Feng Shui onto your business (office, bussines card, etc.).
This course was held by Suzie Jayes in 2002.

Subject of the modul 2 is so called Compas School. It learns you how to understand influence of directions for your life. Course was hely by Radka Hozmanová.

Modul 3 is focused on the Luck Pillars Horoscope. I have been to this module in 2008 which was taken by Roger Green. I have also been to the extension of this module 3, called Plus. That was in 2010 and also taken by Roger Green. More information about Luck Pillar Horoscope can be found _horoskop_4_pilire.