Ing. Michal Páca
Prague, Czech republic

Handy: +420 776 890 048

Design surrounds us, eventhough you may not have even thought about it. It has a big impact on us and forms our perception of the world. It is natural to use and surround ourself by a nice and practical products. Perfect design is not only about outside beauty but focuses also on the function of a product.
Outside form often follows inner rules, which has it’s own system and logic which is not always visible on the first sight. But it expresses later in the high comfort of usage.
Functional and well-thoughtout design is my goal. If you are interested in my work, I will be pleased with your interest. Design can go deeper when used from the beginning of the project (production, usage, marketing etc.).
You can find my actual and some old projects here. In e-shop you may choose something to buy.

Amateur actor

  • 2010 I played as a guest of  “Theatre group Kohout” a role of  Policeman Nesvadba (standing left from the girl with a parasol) in the play „Distance ride London-Prague“. The play was produced by a Czech velocipede club. The play had just premier and dernier. It is possible to see that now only from a DVD.
  • Distancni jizda Londyn-Praha





  • 2004 Ships and Caravans, Prague
  • 2004 The Excellent Product of the Year 2004, Gallery of Design Centre of Czech Republic, Prague
  • 2004 The Excellent Product of the Year 2004, Gallery of Design Centre of Czech Republic, Brno
  • 2003 Beautiful Machines, Gallery of Design centre of Czech Republic


Michal in TV

Figure drawing

Drawing a human figure in real size is a task.

KGS Extra Sample Case

Second version of a sample case for gasket product range. This one with a wall seal gasket.

Friends portrait using the Gustav Vigeland sculpture

It is really a fascinating experience to visit the Gustav Vigeland’s park.

Cardboard stool and table Kristous

Stool is for first seating of the babies.

KGS Sample Case

I have designed a special sample case to show the complete product range.

Semináře Feng shui

I get my Feng Shui education at European School of Feng Shui. I have been to modules 1 and 3, including extension of module 3.


Why should be your rack just a plain bar or piece of wood?

Large-size Panorama Photos

I can print those photos up to width about 60 inch.

Large-size Photos

You can have those photos in size up to 27×20 inch.

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